BluHorn TV – “5 Minutes With” Clayton Joyner from Turbo Medical Marketing

August 5, 2019

Company: Turbo Medical Marketing
Website Address:
Interviewee: Clayton Joyner

Short company description: We are full service Aesthetic Medical Marketing Growth Membership organization.
In the Next 5 years, the biggest change to marketing will be what?: Hyper personalized content delivery

Mike White
Tell us about the services you provide.

Clayton Joyner
We are a full service digital marketing agency. We’re in the process now of expanding it to multiple products within the digital realm and we niche in the aesthetic medical marketing space. So we typically are working with plastic surgeons, med spots, cosmetic terms. Our whole objective really is to get a 360 degree presence for them digitally to make sure that there’s no gaps in their marketing strategy and they can continue to grow. Part of that in turn obviously is to provide feedback. We’ve come up with a four section framework for growth that we’re making sure that we have digital strategies that will mirror what we need in each of those segments to make sure that not only does our practice get results and today but they need to be able to sustain that result level for 10-15 years from now.

Mike White
So when you sit down with one of your prospective clients and they say well I’ve got an in-house marketing person why do I need you. Why is it important for someone to hire an outside resource to handle their digital or additional marketing needs.

Clayton Joyner
I love that question. Okay I love that question. So it is impossible. There are things that we could do and there are things that we should do to get the level of performance out of the strategies that we deploy, that you should have in place to sustain and grow your business. And in this case of practice, one person can’t do that. In our case we’re a little bit unique because we’re dealing with surgeons who’ve been through medical school or residency. I mean they’re really smart people so the idea of them thinking that they couldn’t figure something out on their own is really a challenge. If they can’t figure out how to get any success and they realize the next limit is going to be time, no one has enough time to be a surgeon, and be a marketer, and run a business, it just doesn’t work.

Mike White
Over the next three years what do you think the biggest trend in digital marketing is going to be?

Clayton Joyner
You know it’s a fantastic question and there are so many different changes that I can see on the horizon that we’re about to face. People assume that all digital marketing is going to kill all the traditional media and then everything we used to do is now going to just completely shift and it’s all the new things. You know some of that might be true but I think the reality of the situation is that there’s a whole lot of very successful strategies. And I want to point that keyword out, there’s a very big difference between strategies and tactics. When you talk digital marketing versus traditional marketing, the changes that we’re going to see I think we will see a lot of shift in actual tactic. I think the strategies are going to remain the same.

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