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We are an advertising agency consulting firm helping from takeoff to touchdown

We deliver a range of services to the advertising agency community. We tailor our services to meet your specific
needs through counseling and mentoring.

We save you time.

Agency and relationship management programs can be extremely time-consuming. How do you find the time to identify the best resources? How do you navigate the actual course of selecting your clients and vendor partners? BluHorn Solutions can manage the entire process. We provide in-depth knowledge of the marketplace and offer expert insights into the myriad of choices among today’s agency management resources. Because we speak with agencies every day, we bring timely insight into their respective leadership teams, clients, competitive conflicts, capabilities, talents, experience, passions, cultures, operations and costs

We save you aggravation.

We act as a buffer between you and your vendor marketplace. Not knowing pricing, efficiencies, proper turn around times and ways to measure ROI can sometimes be frustrating. Our team of experts works with you and your vendors to manage expectations to drive the greatest results for your clients.

We bring objectivity and insight.

We know how to translate our clients’ needs and expectations into plan of action. We understand the languages of both clients and agencies, and know the questions to ask of each in order to quickly and efficiently gain the necessary insights. We help our agencies keep their focus on the key business objectives and can assess most situations to provide recommendations to overcome the current challenges.

We save you Money.

With relationships with hundreds of advertising agencies and vendors, we have seen more than our fair share of proposals, RFPs, and contracts. We have studied margins and cost structures and can make sure that the price you pay for software or services is fair to you and the vendor.

We Add Value.

Our proven processes, benchmarked data and extensive industry knowledge have consistently made our vendor negotiations and custom agency consulting assignments a “win-win” for our our agencies. We bring you the information you are seeking when you need it and help you navigate situations as they arise.

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